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Iowa Democratic Caucus

Mike Pettersson  - Iowa Democratic CaucusOK it’s 9:52 PM Tuesday Feb 4, 2020 the day after the Iowa Democratic Caucus. I haven’t checked the news since about 5PM. At that point there was still no result to the Iowa Democratic Caucus – hey if the grammar is incorrect roll with it. Whatever methodology they used obviously was not tested thoroughly. And of course there is the back and forth – “And these are the people who want to be trusted to run your life the way they believe it should be run” – which is a statement that can actually be raised against both sides of the political coin.

Anyway, the press is doing very little coverage. If things were reversed, they would be ripping the Republicans about fraud, cheating, and how there was interference, I’m not saying that because I care that the Democrats are as incompetent as Republicans with some things. I’m saying it because it’s true. For crying out loud, it’s one state.