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This the entry way to the Mike Pettersson Blog.

I have tried my best to define the Mike Pettersson blog essays into specific categories:

  • General – Pretty much any essay that doesn’t fit specifically into a category.
  • Business – Essays that deal with some specific issue about running, creating, and/or managing a business.
  • Music – These are strictly about music. Not the business, the gear, any of that. Just music.
  • TechnicalWhenever I write about audio gear, video gear, that sort of thing it will be here.
  • Sports – Duh
  • Politics – Again duh!
  • Computers – Specifically about computers.

As with any blog, it is going to take some time to build up a library. But I have been told I should be writing things down to educate some people with things I have learned and maybe they did not. Having worked, and continuing to work, in a variety of technical and business areas, I have a lot of learned lessons. Now I’m not proposing that I know more than most, but I do know from talking to people that I do have a lot to share.

I have had my own businesses since 1982. I have been self-employed at various times since 1977. Filled out and filed my own taxes way back when there was no software to do all the work. So I know to check with updates but also to use tax prep software. That’s just one of the things I will go into.

I have also had the pleasure to have met many different people in my life with countless different interests and hobbies. I will also be writing about and posting links to some of those things just in case you might be interested for whatever reasons.

Thanks for coming by and I hope you find all the things I bring to the table to be of some use and/or entertainment.

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